Costs To Build A New Home

Home Construction Costs


Here are some factors that affect the costs of your homes construction:

Size - While a larger home will costs more to build, the overall costs per sq ft will be lower than a smaller home.  Certain built in items are spread out over a greater area.  Plumbing costs, delivery costs, quantity of materials purchased, cabinet costs, etc, are spread out over a larger area.

Design - Roof pitch, roofing material, number of windows, number and sizes of doors.

Foundations - A monolithic slab on a level lot is a simple building pad with minimal dirt work.  A home with a sloping/steep lot requires excavation, additional block work, waterproofing, drainage, pier and beam construction, and backfill.

Utilities - A house with city water does not have to drill a well.  A home with city sewer does not have to pay for soils testing for a septic system or pay to have one installed.

At the time of this writing, my wife and I have purchased a piece of property and have our house on the market.  I find myself trying to do the same thing my house plan clients do.  I am asking friends that are in the construction business, "How much you think I can build this house for?"  THEY HONESTLY CAN'T TELL ME!!


While a house next to my lot might have costs $100/sq ft, one up the street might have been $120/sq ft.

My recommendation is to let me help you with your home plans, get them designed exactly like you want, and then you can get that out to builders or sub-contractors for pricing.

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P.S. As with a lot of my writing, I write as I was speaking to you on the phone.  I do not take the hours that it takes to comb through article after article checking for errors in grammar.  Please excuse any errors and take heart in knowing I will spend many more hours making sure your home designed correctly than I will making sure an article is perfect. :)

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