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"Doug's Rye's VHS/DVD leaves no stone unturned when it comes to making your home energy efficient."

Dear Home Owner or Renter,

If you want to have lower energy costs and utility bills, a more comfortable, energy efficient home you MUST read this admittedly long letter.  We want you to understand all the information you will need in order to make an informed decision on turning your new home or existing home into the most energy efficient home in your neighborhood.

Backed by scientific research, over forty years of combined experience, and proven results by tens of thousands of home owners, our energy saving techniques will help you get the results you expect and deserve. 
We guarantee it!

Which of the following is important to you?

 checkmark  Saving money on energy and utility bills.
 checkmark  Having a comfortable, energy efficient home.
 checkmark  Having a safe home for you and your family.
 checkmark  Helping save the environment.
 checkmark  Having extra spending money.


Are you someone who likes to
waste money?
Neither are we!


We can show you..

  • How you can get FREE hot water from a geothermal heat pump.

  • Precisely what to tell the builder of your new home.  How to use an insulation that is more fireproof, roach proof and soundproof.  How to use the most cost-effective and efficient heating and cooling system, and the most efficient water heater.

  • How a $10 investment can save you $2 a month for the rest of your life.

  • How you can buy most of these products at your local hardware store.

  • How a $10 improvement to seal leaky ducts can possibly save $30 per month.

  • Why 90% of homes in America have the least energy-efficient heating and cooling system allowed by law!

  • How to effectively use radiant barrier roof decking to save at least $20 per month.

  • How sealing crawlspaces can greatly reduce the risk of mold and mildew.

With this acquired knowledge, you’ll save hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars a year in utility expenses. Just as important, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing how to reduce your utility bills and EXACTLY what to tell your contractor when building your new home. 

When you combine your mortgage payments, utility bills, and other maintenance costs, your house expenses total thousands of dollars a year. Envision saving $200 a month ($2,400 a year). Invest those savings or pay off outstanding bills, purchase your dream car, or take a luxury cruise.

YOU can be in charge of how much you pay in utility bills.

In case you've forgotten, it's not the contractor's home, 
it's YOURS, and YOU have to pay the bills. 


Here's what past customers have to say:

"Thanks again for your quick response, I already have the video, and it has been very helpful, my husband and I have watched it twice in the last few months since we are starting to build our house... I think the two of you are truly wonderful people since you actually care about everyones future." 
Dana B.

 ....The tape keeps moving and is informative too....I want to thank you for what you have done for me. Our home is cozy, snug, quiet, and not at all drafty. What you say about heat pumps being able to heat a house is true if you do not have leaks for air to come in."  ...... 
John T.

....This is the most comfortable home I have ever lived in.  My house is all electric and my average total electric bill is $86.00 per month.  My highest bill to date is $115.00....
Paul D.  - Norman, OK

....The techniques taught by Doug Rye have been well received by our members and other energy consumers in our region. In fact, many of other utilities' consumers say they wish they were our members because of the emphasis we place on energy efficiency education, as exemplified by Doug's teachings.
Doug has been a tremendous asset to our efforts
to help our members save energy and money. New businesses, such as cellulose insulation contractors, have emerged following the first seminar Doug taught for us. ....We highly recommend that more utilities bring Doug's message to their consumers. The result would be good for our nation's environment, economy and future."
Tom Polikalas
Communications/PR Supervisor, DMEA



STOP!  Do not skip this next part!

The following scenarios are the onces that can
cost you $$$ in your new home if not
designed for and planned for ahead of time.

- Read every word -

Who can relate to these scenarios?

 redcheckmark  Do you live in a home that has high utility bills and is uncomfortable?
 In 1 out of 3 homes that we analyze, the ductwork is completely disconnected in at least one spot.  Have you ever wondered why that back bedroom never seems to get cool in the summer?  Seal the ductwork correctly in your new home and never have taht problem again.
 redcheckmark Does your cooling system run 24 hours a day in the summer and your house STILL doesn't get cool? 
Not only is the ductwork disconnected in many homes, but we find enough air infiltration equivalent to leaving at least one window open 24/7/365.
Stop ALL the air infiltration in your new home and have a more comfortable home, lower indoor humidity, and super-low utility bills.
 redcheckmark Have you paid your heating and cooling service professional $70 multiple times for a service call? 
Nearly 100% of homes have improperly sized heating and cooling equipment and undersized return air vents.  In year one, the service professional charges $70 to add Freon.  In year three, they charge another $70 to add more Freon. 

In year five, they charge $570 not for Freon but a new compressor!  Folks, it didn't need more Freon.  It needed more AIR! 

A system can only blow out as much air as it can bring in.  Size the return air grill properly so the unit can operate efficiently. 

 redcheckmark Have you spent $100's replacing carpet and cleaning up after your water heater leaked?
Did you know a typical water heater will last only 7 to 10 years?  We will show you how you can have a water heater that has almost zero stand-by heat loss (loses no heat once the water is heated) and is guaranteed for life to never leak or rust.  Never replace a water heater again!
 redcheckmark Are your gas bills suddenly destroying your budget due to rising natural gas prices?
According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), natural gas prices are projected to be 48% higher than last winter.  With increasing demand and foreign dependency, this trend will only continue!  Now it is more important than ever to have an energy efficient home.
 redcheckmark  Do you have a deep fear of carbon monoxide poisoning in your home? 
 Did you know that just by closing one wrong door in your home can cause back drafting of your gas furnace?  Our energy saving package details exactly what to look for and what to avoid to help prevent back drafting.



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With Our Energy Saving Package for New or Existing Homes You’ll Learn These Key Points 
and Their Benefits:


How to seal your ductwork with duct mastic and where to effectively install ductwork when building, so your new home is the most energy efficient.  Reduce your heating and cooling load 20% just by getting the ductwork out of the attic.  If you are building a concrete foundation, we show you where to install the ductwork for greatest efficiency


Geothermal - What is required to efficiently use geothermal energy,  geothermal energy and how it works, geothermal benefits and requirements, and open loop vs. closed loop geothermal systems.


How to repair air leaks in your home that, if not repaired, can cause deadly carbon monoxide poisoning, if you have a gas furnace. Did you know that if you close one wrong interior door, you might cause your gas furnace to back draft carbon monoxide into your home?  You and your family are at risk!


How sealing crawlspaces can not only save energy but can also reduce the risk of mold and mildew under your home.


How energy-efficient lights and energy-efficient recessed lights can save you money.  Recessed lighting can be one of the biggest energy wasters in your home, because most recessed lights cannot be insulated

   How too much attic ventilation can actually INCREASE your utility bill.  Excessive attic ventilation can draw conditioned air out of your home
   How to stop air from entering from the outside in both new and existing homes.  Did you know that on the average residential home, 35% of the total heating and cooling load is for outside air infiltration?
   How to use geothermal energy – learn the benefits and risks of geothermal,  how a geothermal energy diagram looks, and how a geothermal unit gives you a percentage of your hot water FREE. A geothermal heating and cooling system is four times more efficient than a gas furnace and has twice the life expectancy of the average heating and cooling unit
   How cellulose insulation or recycled newspaper is used for noise control, sound-insulation products, and home interior wall sound insulation
   Which high-efficiency water heater is guaranteed for life never to leak or rust.  Have you ever had to replace a water heater because it leaked? Many leaking water heaters cause hundreds of dollars in water damage
   Geothermal energy benefits for your home.
   The effectiveness of rolled vs. blown home insulation in residential construction
  The myth about R-values of construction materials and comparisons of home insulation 
   How cellulose insulation is roach proof, soundproof, and more fireproof than any other home insulation product.  Comparison of fiberglass and cellulose insulation r value.
It also eliminates the need for double insulation and replaces 2 x 4 vs. 2 x 6 construction for energy efficiency


Thank you, I will be building in western KY and plan on using your
service to ensure I have an energy efficient home

Thank you for your DVD and recent newsletter.  I enjoy them and am learning a lot in preparation for the building of our home in SW Colorado.

Mr. Rye,
Four years ago I decided to contract and build my 3rd home.
This time I wised up, bought your video and designed my home using your
  I have built an 8,000 sq. ft. home and now pay less for
heating and cooling than I did with a 4,600 sq. ft. conventional built home.  The geothermal system is without a doubt the only way to go on a house this size.  .... Thank you for your advice, I plan on using it again!!  Sincerely,
Rick P.

Hello. I ordered your DVD for existing homes and it was a real education. Now I am ordering your DVD for new homes because my log home has no existing
ducting/heat system. Thanks in advance.

Richard E.



Order Now.... Risk Free! 




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How Doug got started in energy efficiency

I began teaching about energy efficiency in 1973 during the oil embargo.  I was the state architect for Farmers Home Administration.  One day my boss came to me and said, "Doug, low-income families are having to move out of their homes because their electric bills are more than their house payments. I want you to find out why." 

WHAT? I didn't take any classes on energy efficiency in college;  in fact, I didn't know ANYTHING about energy efficiency.

I closely examined the impact that high utility bills had on low-income families.  That's when I came across a small pamphlet talking about energy efficiency in homes.  I slowly learned that their electric bills were not high because of poor craftsmanship, but because of poor building standards.  I also learned that high utility costs adversely affected not only low-income families, but families of all incomes.

Whether you're a minimum-wage worker or a company CEO, high utility bills deprive you of hard-earned money.  Throughout my research, I have learned that you do not have to give in to your utility bills.  You CAN take control with very little to almost no added expense.

The rest is history.  I have spent more than 30 years researching and learning how to lower your utility bills.

Lower your utilities immediately.


 Ourbelief in the environment

God gave man a planet that is beautiful and can supply all of our needs.  We have a responsibility to take care of this gift called Earth.  We never litter. We taught our children and grandchildren not to litter.  Our parents taught us the practice of "waste not, want not." 

Every day, the world wastes non-renewable, natural resources and pollutes what is left. 

Did you know that on a hot summer day America's electrical grid is at 90% capacity?  With our present rate of population growth, electricity demand increases 2.5% a year.  In just a few years, America’s electrical grid will be overloaded, unless we take action NOW. We can provide our energy needs if we simply conserve and change our wasteful ways.  We hope that people all around the world will take control of our energy situation before environmental disaster requires us to take immediate or alternative action.  

Our choices for survival are simple:

  • Build more generating plants, at a cost of billions of dollars. Build more electrical grids at a cost of billions.  The result will be more pollution and the use of more of our nonrenewable resources.  Let's just tell our grandchildren we hope they make it somehow, because we really don't care.

- OR -

  • Conserve our energy resources by improving the efficiency of our buildings.  Implementing a few of the things we teach, can stretch our existing power generators and electrical grids for another 20 years.  We can pay a little now or a whole lot later.

Notice these are choices.  It is our choice.  Please join us in choosing to do what is right, smart, and a win-win situation for you, the energy companies, and our earth.  Our energy saving techniques help to save the environment and save electricty.

How we can save you hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars on your new home! 


5 reasons why you MUST have your
heating and cooling system properly sized.

  1. Increased home comfort - An oversized system can run for a few minutes and shut off.  Run for a few minutes and shut off.  This happens repeatedly throughout the day and your home never maintains a constant temperature.  Your home will always be too hot or too cold.  An undersized system can be disastrous!

  2. Longer equipment life - The repeated on/off cycling of an oversized sized system reeks havoc on your systems compressor.  Every time the system turns on, the greatest amount of electricity is used.  This is why your lights may dim when the system turns on.

  3. Can save you thousands of dollars on equipment and installation costs.  A contractor that guesses at the size of system needed may be charging you for 1, 2, or even 3 tons of additional equipment and installation.  (Ladies, now you can have those fancy countertops or nice carpet you wanted!)

  4. Lower utility bills - A properly sized heating and cooling system will run only as needed, cycle less, and maintains a comfortable temperature for your home.

  5. Possibly prevent the growth of mold and mildew - Either an undersized or oversized heating and cooling system may fail to remove adequate moisture from your home.

For 15 cents per square foot, we will take your house plans, enter all of the information, and tell you the exact size of system necessary to efficiently heat and cool you home.  In addition to sizing your heating and cooling system, you will receive a written guarantee that your heating and cooling costs will not exceed a guaranteed average amount per month, if you build your home as we teach.  

We have helped hundreds of customers for 15 years and never had a single complaint.   How can you can save hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars on your new home?

Along with the written guarantee, we provide you with a comprehensive list of things to implement when building your new home, including a room-by-room heating and cooling analysis.  None of these techniques alter the look or structural stability of your home.  In fact, they make your home much safer for your family and children.  If an architect or draftsman is designing your home, these techniques can be seamlessly integrated into the design.

From time to time we are asked the question, "What is the typical building heat load that I can expect on my home"?  There is no way that you can guess or estimate at the size of heating heat pump necessary for your home.  One home may be facing west while another is facing east.  One may have 1% glass while another has 10%.  DO NOT let your contractor guess at the size of heating and cooling system required for your home.

How can we offer a money-saving guarantee?  One way is by properly sizing your home heating and cooling system. Did you know, ninety percent of homes in America have oversized heating and cooling systems that waste money and energy?


What you need to know about sizing
heating and cooling systems for
optimized energy efficiency

When designing an HVAC duct system, you should use a computer program, such as, WrightSoft and HVAC Computer Services ™.   These programs give an accurate residential HVAC comparison of price, savings, and payback.  The largest waster of residential energy in the U.S. is poor HVAC duct construction. 

Many heating and cooling companies do not understand the significance of properly designing an HVAC duct system.  A poor duct system design equals an uncomfortable home and high utility bills.  Proper air conditioning size cannot be estimated. It must be calculated.

Many people think that bigger is better when it comes to a home heating and cooling system, but an oversized unit leads to higher utility bills, higher installation costs, shorter equipment life, and less comfort for you and your family

The best residential HVAC guide is the American Refrigeration Institute (ARI) manual.  All high-quality systems are rated by the ARI. Never use any system that is not ARI rated.  


100% NO RISK 90-Day
Money-Back Guarantee

Here's our promise:  If you have read this letter, order Doug's VHS/DVD and honestly feel that we've wasted your time, just send an email to that effect and not only will I refund the money you've paid, I will also pay you $20 OR donate $50 to charity.

We insist that you order Doug's DVD or VHS entirely at our risk. There’s absolutely NO RISK on your part.

Why do we go to such great lengths?

If these home energy cost saving measures do not save you money, and if you somehow fail to recoup your small investment, return the product for an immediate 100% refund of your purchase price.  We make this promise because I know for a fact that home-energy improvements don't cost you money.  They make you money.

Let me take this guarantee one step further. Don't feel like you must use my techniques to get a refund (that’s only if you want a 100% refund). If you don't like the DVD/VHS for ANY reason, even because you don’t like the color of the cover, return it for an immediate 100% refund of your purchase price. 


SixSuper Bonuses (Valued at $100.00):
"Yours FREE To Keep, No Matter WHAT!"

If you order online before ,you will receive FREE access to these energy efficiency e-books, which can be downloaded to your computer.

Bonus #1    Learn a Simple Energy-Saving Framing Technique For New Construction 

In most homes, corners and T's (where an interior wall meets an exterior wall) have a 1-1/2" space the height of the wall that is not insulated.

If you add up all the corners and T's in your home, you will have an area about the size of a window that is not insulated and that allows air to come in fro the outside,  every day of the year.

The un-insulated space allows air infiltration.  Many of you may have experienced moisture or mold problems in the corners of your home.  In the winter, when warm air in your home comes in contact with the colder outside air, mold and mildew can form.  

When I consult with you on your new home construction, and on my DVD and videotape, I show you a simple framing technique that allows insulating these areas.  The technique does not alter the structural stability of your home.   

 Bonus #2         Energy E-book #1 ($20)

  "The Most Complete Energy Efficient Appliance Guide
 You'll Find -- Anywhere"
 The Energy Efficient Appliance Guide covers topics such as:
  • A guide to making energy-smart purchases - If you feel that energy bills are taking a big chunk of change out of your pocket, you are not alone. Americans spend more than $115 billion each year on fuel and electricity for their homes. On the average, heating and cooling (space conditioning) account for about 45% of the energy a home uses. Water heating consumes about 14%, and appliances and other sources consume about 41%. Though energy use varies among homes, there are many ways to lower your energy bills.  
  • Energy standards for residential appliances
  • Air Conditioners - Central Air and Heat Pumps
  • Air Conditioners – Room
  • Clothes Dryers
  • Clothes Washers
  • Heating Equipment - Furnaces and Boilers
  • Kitchen Ranges and Ovens
  • Lamps – Fluorescent
  • Lamp (Fluorescent) Ballasts
  • Lamps - Incandescent Reflector
  • Pool Heaters
  • Refrigerators/Refrigerator-Freezers/Freezers
  • Showerheads and Faucets
  • Water Closets and Urinals
  • Water Heaters

Financing an energy efficient home- You can apply for energy-efficient financing through a government-insured or conventional loan program.

 Bonus #3        Energy E-book #2 ($20)

 "The Complete Guide to Geothermal Energy and it's uses"

 This geothermal guide covers topics such as:

  •  Geothermal Basics- Heat from the Earth, or geothermal — Geo (Earth) + thermal (heat) — energy can be and already is accessed by drilling holes in the ground and inserting pipes. Geothermal energy is an enormous, underused heat and power resource that is clean (emits little or no greenhouse gases), reliable (average system availability of 95%), and homegrown (making us less dependent on foreign oil).

Types of geothermal power plants

    The history of geothermal in the United States - 1800 to Present

      The future of geothermal

        Geothermal FAQ's

          Geothermal heat pumps (GHP) - The geothermal heat pump, also known as the ground source heat pump, is a highly efficient renewable energy technology that is gaining wide acceptance for both residential and commercial buildings. Geothermal heat pumps are used for space heating and cooling, as well as water heating. Its great advantage is that it works by concentrating naturally existing heat, rather than by producing heat through combustion of fossil fuels.

            Environmental impacts

              Reliability and maintenance

                Residential Savings

                 Bonus #4        Energy E-book #4 ($20)

                 "The Comprehensive Wind and Hydropower Energy Guide"


                  Wind Energy Basics

                • How wind turbines work

                • Advantages and disadvantages of its use

                • Wind energy use throughout history

                • U.S. wind energy resource potential

                • Current research and development

                • Home Wind System Basics

                Hydropower Energy Basics

                • How hydropower works

                • Advantages and disadvantages of its use

                • Hydropower use throughout history

                • U.S. hydropower resource potential

                 Bonus #5        Energy E-book #5 ($20)

                 "A Solar Energy Guide"

                Solar Energy Basics- Sunlight - solar energy - can be used to generate electricity, provide hot water, and to heat, cool, and light buildings. Photovoltaic (solar cell) systems convert sunlight directly into electricity. Solar water heating systems for buildings have two main parts: a solar collector and a storage tank.

                Solar Water Heating - One of the most cost effective ways to incorporate renewable technologies into a building is by incorporating solar hot water. A typical system will reduce the need for conventional water heating by about two-thirds, minimizing the expense of electricity or fossil fuel to heat the water and reducing the associated environmental impacts.

                  Active Systems

                    Passive Systems

                      Swimming Pools

                      Solar Heating Basics

                        Passive Solar

                          Active Solar

                            Solar Collector Types

                            Solar Energy FAQs

                             Bonus #6          2 Mini Energy E-books #6 ($20)

                             "45 Ways to Save Energy In Your Apartment "
                             & "Improving the Efficiency of Your Duct System"

                             45 Home Energy Costs Saving Measures Used In Your Apartment

                            • Temperature Control
                            • Hot Water
                            • Kitchen Stove
                            • Refrigerator
                            • Dish Washer
                            • Washing Machine and Dryer
                            • Window Air Conditioner

                            Improving the Efficiency of Your Duct System



                            Discover how you can save hundreds of dollars per year by using a geothermal heat pump and energy efficient appliances.  

                            These super bonuses are jam-packed with information on home energy efficiency.  These e-books will be a great compliment to Doug's VHS/DVD as they explain home energy usage in greater detail.

                            Don't miss this opportunity! 


                            OK. Here's what we're
                            going to do for you.


                            We could easily charge over $150 for the VHS/DVD, 6 bonuses, and consulting fee. We would still receive orders and make more money.  However, our goal is to teach everyone about energy efficiency.

                            Honestly, God has truly blessed us and allows us to make a living by helping people just like you!

                            Ordering today can make a BIG difference in the comfort, safety, and utility costs of you home. 

                            If you added up the value of one VHS/DVD ($37) and 6 super bonuses ($100),  your total would be $137.

                            Order today and receive one VHS/DVD PLUS the 6 bonuses for only ($137) $37
                            (FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING)


                            You can easily save hundreds of dollars a year for a mere $37 investment ,  what most people spend on a tank of gas. Any ONE of these home energy-saving tips will pay for the videotape or DVD, or you can return it for a 100% refund.

                            A $37 investment is minimal, when you realize you may be wasting $500 a year through leaky ductwork, $200 a year from air infiltration, $200 a year on oversized equipment, and $150 more on your water heater.  Could you use an extra thousand dollars a year? Would you pay a one-time $37 fee to save thousands of dollars each year?

                            These provenenergy-saving techniques will save you money.  There’s absolutely NO RISK on your part. Nothing is experimental, and has been proven thousands of times all across the continental U.S. You can return the video for a 100% refund if you are not completely satisfied.

                            Why do we offer this no-risk guarantee?  Even though we've been in the home-energy conservation business for a combined 40+ years, we want you to feel totally comfortable placing your order on our SECURE servers.

                            Convinced?  Order todayentirely risk free.


                            Claim Your Copy of Doug Rye's energy saving

                            VHS/DVD and 6 Super Bonuses for only $137   $37

                            (FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING)

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