How Much Will It Costs To Build My Home?

Home Construction Costs


I get calls and emails regularly asking if I can give an estimate over the phone of how much it would costs to build a home.  My answer is usually, "Well I really can't do that because there are so many variables involved."  Their reply is usually, "But can you give me just a ballpark estimate?".

Getting initial budgets for your home without a plan can be very misleading and potentially lead to a lot of headaches down the road.  You see, giving an estimate for new home construction without knowing all the details is like buying a car by the pound.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of details that affect the weight of a car.  A Toyota Camry probably has about the same weight as a Lexus, but as you know, one costs MUCH more than the other.  Due to quality of materials, quantity of finishes, and safety features, just to name a few, the difference in costs adds up quickly.


Now let's equate that same car to your home.  Quality of materials - granite counter tops vs. laminate, hardwood floors vs. stained concrete.  Quantity of finishes - a small home may have 50 sq ft of counter top vs. 200 sq ft in a larger home, 3 step crown molding throughout vs. simple 1 layer crown molding.  Safety features - one home has a sophisticated security system vs. one without, one home has electronic dead bolts that can be controlled from your cellphone vs. one that has a simple twist lock.

I think you can see that there are thousands of different options in your home.  The term costs per square foot for construction or average costs to build should be used with caution.  In my own neighborhood, which has 3 phases, the costs can range from $95/sq ft to $115/sq ft.

Which one is right?  Well they both are depending on the construction.

Here are some factors that affect the costs of your homes construction:

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