How to perform electrical outlet insulation.

Stop Air Infiltration In Your Home GUARANTEED

 electrical outlet insulation


  1. You simply make sure the power is turned OFF
  2. Take off the plastic cover
  3. Place the foam electrical outlet insulation over the recepticle
  4. Replace the plastic cover.

These foam electrical outlet insulation covers are extremely handy and easy to install.  I have used thiese in home energy audits for years with amazing success.  It's amazing the difference in the air infiltration readings after they are installed.

Did you know the 3 most important factors affecting your heating and cooling bills are:

1)  Air infiltration

2)  Air infiltration

3)  Air infiltration

Once again, what's the single most important factor that affects your comfort and utility bills?  AIR INFILTRATION!

Each gasket insulator can be installed in less than 1 minute. 
Imagine this:
  You have 20 recipticles in your home.  In less than one hour total time you can stop a huge amount of air infiltration and lower your utility bills.

Have you ever put your had against an outlet on the exterior wall during the winter and felt the cold air rushing in?

Do you know why you can feel the cold air coming in?  BECAUSE IT IS!

Order your electrical outlet insulator today!  

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