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Earth Sheltered Home Designs 

Get your custom, energy efficient, floor plans now!

  • Are you in search of an earth sheltered home design? 

  • Are you tired of looking at hundreds and hundreds of plans and none fit your needs? 

I can take any drawings and notes you have or help you convert an existing plan to an earth sheltered home design.


An earth sheltered home design is the first step towards a secure, super energy efficient home.  We can add an emergency shelter to your plan for added security.  Are you interested in how solar energy and PV cells along with wind energy created from wind turbines can help you achieve a near zero energy home? 

While these alternative energy sources are not always costs feasible, I will discuss your options and the pros and cons of each.

A zero energy home design incorporates a super energy efficient home, which uses very little electricity, with alternative energy sources, such as solar panels, solar water heating, wind turbines, and a geothermal heat pump.

Earth Sheltered Home Designs

While a geothermal heat pump is not an energy source, it is a major part of heating and cooling your home using very little electricity.  A geothermal heat pump uses the constant ground temperature as a heat exchange.  The heat pump either removes heat from your home in the summer or adds it in the winter.

In an earth sheltered home design, you will almost always be in heating mode.  The surrounding ground temperature is around 57 degrees F all year long.  This will vary slightly depending on location and amount of earth around your home.

Contact me today for your custom earth sheltered home design.  I can take any drawings you have or help you convert an existing plan to a earth sheltered plan.  I will teach you everything you need to know about the energy efficiency of your home and provide a quality set of custom blueprints a contractor can use to build your earth contact home.


by Phillip Rye -

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