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"The Ultimate Consumer Guide To Home Energy Savings" ebook will drastically lower your utility bills!
If it doesn't I'll personally send you $50.00 just for trying it!

That's how confident I am it works!

From Phillip Rye:

Let me start off by saying this is not another one of those energy gadget gimmick web sites... this is the real deal folks.  No fluff - no wasting your money!  There's no such thing as a device that plugs into your system to reduce electicity flow or even make the meter run backwards.

It doesn't matter if you live in the hottest climate or the coldest, EVERYONE wants to save money on their utility bills and have a more comfortable home. 

If you are ready to escape those bone chilling, cold Canadian winters, my ebook is chock full of no-nonsense, practical applications that can make your home warm and cozy this winter.

Why is " The Ultimate Comsumer Guide To Home Energy Savings" so popular?

Because It Works!
I've Helped Tens of Thousands of People All Across the United States and Canada Have Lower Utility Bills, Regardless of Their Situation! 

These tips have helped tens of thousands of people just like you.  Energy efficiency and home comfort are important no matter where you live.  Let's admit it... the world economy is pretty sluggish and unstable right now.  Stop sending your hard earned money to the electric company and keep it in your pocket!






What Do I Get When I Order
"The Ultimate Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings

When you purchase "The Ultimate Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings" you will get a comprehensive guide that teaches you exactly how to lower your utility bills.  The whole book is designed to teach you everything you need to know from:

  • adding insulation,
  • checking for air leaks,
  • reducing lighting costs,
  • making your heating and cooling system more efficient,
  • choosing energy efficient appliances,
  • how humidity greatly affects your comfort and utility bills,
  • exactly what you need to know about energy efficient windows and what REALLY matters when purchasing
  • think you can close off a portion of your house you don't use and save money?  HOLD ON!!  Find out why closing a door can actually costs you more money.
  • how a simple one-time, $10 fix on your water heater can save you $2 (or more) per month for the rest of your life.  That's a 480% payback in 1 year!
  • ..... and so much more!


What exactly is "The Ultimate Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings" and why is it GUARANTEED to lower my utility bills?

"The Ultimate Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings" is an e-book that you can download directly to your computer.  You can read it at your liesure on your computer or print it out. 

This incredible information has quickly become one of the best home energy savings references available today because it's written and designed for the do-it-yourselfer that wants to save money each and every month.

You can quickly glean the knowledge from an energy expert with over 15 years experience in the residential energy field and home design.  Don't spend hours and hours scouring the internet trying to piece together bits of information that MIGHT save you some money.  Time is important.  Spend it with your family, play a round of golf, or perfecting your hobby.

In this book you will learn the simple steps to lower utility bills.


"The Ultimate Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings" IS NOT a guide that forces you to spend uneccessary money.

Everyting I will teach you will MAKE you money.  Energy improvements don't cost you money.  They MAKE you money.  Everything I show you can have a payback as little as two years.  Some may start making you money after the first summer!

Imagine spending $30 on an energy improvement that saves you $10 per month.  That means after 3 months you are now MAKING $10 per month for the rest of your life AND you are more comfortable.

Imagine having an extra $300, $500, or even $1000 per year in your pocket!


Order "The Ultimate Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings" now and receive an amazing $100 in bonuses
absolutely FREE!






So, just for trying it today, I'll give you a 1 full year money-back guarantee from the date of your purchase!  No questions asked.

That means you could keep it for a week or break it out again in 6 months and get your money back.  It's just that simple.  You simply try it... RISK FREE.

*** And Just So You Know I'm Both Serious and Confident...***

In addition, I'll give YOU $50 if it's all been a waste of your time.  If, after reading through the ebook and applying a few of my time tested principles, you honestly have not lowered your utility bills and it has been a waste of your time, I want you to write and tell me about it.  For that, I'll happily send you a check for $50.

I'm not worried about this offer because I know most of you are honest folks and will hold up your end of the bargain.  More importantly,  I know these principles work.  I'm 100% positive I can help you lower your utility bills AND have a more comfortable home.

That's my famous guarantee and it's as straightforward as they come.





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