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Doug Rye -
Licensed Architect, Nationally recognized energy consultant

Doug Rye is a nationally recognized energy consultant helping people from New York to L.A. lower their utility bills by as much as 50%.  He is commonly referred to as the “King of Caulk and Talk” and the “Roy Rogers of Energy” because he’s an expert in the home energy conservation field. 

Doug’s humorous, but straight to the point, fashion cuts to the core and leaves “no stone unturned” when talking about energy efficiency like no other ‘guru’ does. 
Doug’s advice can be applied to any home, new or existing, anywhere in America.  And probably anywhere in the world! 
He is a leading consultant in all aspects of energy efficiency including: home insulation practices, energy efficient heating and air, water heaters, caulking, air infiltration, and attic insulation. 
 Doug’s clients include many Electric Cooperatives such as:
  • Arkansas Electric Cooperatives
  • Delta Montrose Electric, Intermountain Energy (CO)
  • Lorain-Medina, North Central, Washington and Butler Rural Electric (OH)
  • Mt. Vernon, Shelby, Eastern Illini and Adams Electric (IL)
  • Whitewater Valley Electric Cooperative (Liberty, IN)
  • Mountain Electric (TN) 
  • Paducah Power and Owen Electric (KY)
  • Howell-Oregon (MO)
  • Tideland EMC (NC) 
 Doug Rye
In addition, Doug Rye is featured in newsletters and magazines across the country and is well known for hosting his radio call-in show, “Home Remedies”.  His live radio show has been broadcast for more than 17 years and is carried by satellite to 15 states.  
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture
  • Licensed architect and 35 year membership with the American Institute of Architects
  • Hosts the popular "Home Remedies" radio talk program, which has been on the air for 17 years in 15 states 
  • Has helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners, schools, and military bases greatly reduce their heating and cooling bills
  • Speaks annually at American Institute of Architects meetings to hundreds of other architects on energy efficiency
  • Conducts over 150 energy saving seminars per year all across the U.S. Grand Junction, CO, Nashville, TN, Louisville, KY, Ft. Wayne, IN, Oklahoma City, OK and other cities
  • Hosted the "Home Remedies" cable television series with co-host Tommy Sanders of ESPN
  • Responsible for the construction of more than 50,000 geothermal cooled homes.

Phillip Rye -
Licensed Civil Engineer, Residential energy consultant and home designer

  • Graduate of University of Arkansas College of Civil Engineering
  • 15+ years experience in residential energy consulting
  • Custom home designer - drawing homes all across American and into Canada
  • Web publisher
 Phillip Rye

















Phillip Rye
Phillip Rye

Phillip Rye - As Seen On Fox News

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