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Are you sick and tired of the rising energy costs?  Well, if you are, you’re not the only one.   The truth is that in today’s economy, many families are struggling, with the uncertainty of job security, gas and oil prices on the rise, your gas bills in the winter can be astronomical.   This is one of the reasons why geothermal heating has become very popular in Massachusetts.


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Before we get started, what exactly is geothermal energy?   Well, basically, think of it as heating that is low costs and you don’t have to worry about these high gas or electric costs every month in the winter.   Geothermal heating works by tapping into the lower portions of the Earth’s crust, where the magma layer is close by.   This area is rather hot and the heat rises to your home.  Sounds simple, right?   Well, not exactly.  



Geothermal heating is an entire science of its own.   Basically, the initial installation costs of building a geothermal heating system can be quite pricy, it is worth it, because it pays for itself in the long run.   What happens is that heat rises up from the ground and heats a water heater.   The hot water then can go into heaters throughout the home.   The heat from the ground is free.  You do not need to pay any utility or gas company for natural gas to heat your home.   Furthermore, unlike with forced air heating systems, you don’t have to throw away all that money to the electric company for operating that fan blowing all that heated air.  




The truth is that geothermal heating in Massachusetts works very well, because the state has many hot springs where hot water comes naturally out of the ground.  For geothermal heating, this is ideal.   The heat is close enough to the surface that it can be easily tapped into.   If you have a hot spring, it is fair to guess that if you drill 20 to 100 feet into the ground, you will find steaming hot water.  This water can then be pumped up into a heater and then distributed to heating units throughout the home.   One other great feature about geothermal heat is that you are able to have heating coils under concrete, stone, or tiled floors, providing your home with warm floors at a much lower energy cost than with conventional heating systems.




If you don’t live in Massachusetts, you don’t necessarily have to worry about not having the luxury of geothermal heating.  The truth is that geothermal heating can be accomplished in many parts of the United States.   What is even better news is that you do not need to be in an area close to a magma belt to get geothermal heat.  


How does geothermal energy work?

Very simple.   When you go deep enough below ground, the temperature does not change too much.   About 40 to 60 feet below the ground, the temperature can be 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you go deeper, the ambient ground temperature can get warmer.   What happens is when you circulate water deep enough into the ground, it will warm up and then circulate throughout your home.  In the summer time, you can also use the geothermal heating system to cool your home.

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There are many different websites and resources that you can research online to get more information about geothermal energy and see if it’s right for you.   Best of all, if you are one of those who want to get off the grid, geothermal energy can be the best way to go.


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